The Future of SEO

Shocker ahead! The unexpected is becoming more and more realistic with time. While all we wanted from Google was to search a phrase and get an answer, while marketers and seo were busy pilling up those keywords and pushing up posts, while everyone was getting used to the scenario…that is when Google released the knowledge graph, the voice search, the non provided search and what’s more to come!

This is the challenge we are facing and it is an opportunity for all of us to open our eyes and see the benefit of this new tech era. Even more to come, Moz latest blog covers perfectly some key points on whats the future of SEO:

  • The term “mobile” to be removed from Analytics, it won’t matter anymore the device (looks like Google is all about generalization nowadays)
  • Voice search almost third of all search queries
  • More advertising on social media (did you hear about the ad feature on Instagram now)
  • Wait, Netflix is also introducing streaming ads
  • No more fake Google + accounts
  • Panda and Penguin updates daily (watch out black hats)
  • Google removes organic keyword data and adds ASL (demographic profile of customers)


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