Float or Drown

IMG_5969Happy Anniversary to the Ostrich Queen, on this day I started my blog and I am very proud of it! Thank you to all my readers from around the world, your feedback motivated me to keep up the creative flow 😉

Recently, my uncle and his family went to a cruise and told me about this hotel in Copenhagen, Denmark called CPH Living. What’s the big deal about it is that no one works there. You have to book a room online, where you get a pin to use it to get in your room. Forgot to mention that it’s a BOAT hotel and they offer, “free coffee and tea at the reception. From the vending machine can be purchased snacks and soft drinks. You can store food and beverages in the fridge which is also located in the reception.”

In previous post, I discussed the unemployment rate and whats causing it. With all the appreciation to this awesome outstanding creative idea of making money without having the expense to pay employees, I would rather stay in a 200+ employee hotel with no free breakfast. But is Denmark the only robot concentrated country or are we about to face a new era of unemployment? Maybe then the only rescue would be opening our own business…

Comment below what’s your favorite Ostrich Queen post so far. What would you like to read about next?

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