TOP 2 E-Commerce Sites

After a long search of websites to shop, I stumble upon 3. How did I find them, how did I hear about them and why they caught my attention? These are questions that companies spend time and money to figure out. Welcome to the world of consumer control rather than behavior. In today’s world brands are as weak as they could get, and it’s the crazy persona behind the screen that controls the internet with only one click.

#1 Tiger Mist: Five + points for their website design. Big bow for caring less about SEO and PPC! And bunch of kisses for their social media presence! I found them via Instagram, and believe it or not I can track by the comments that they get orders. Who would ever think that you can sell on social media?! Plus they are located in Australia, where the online shopping is taking a quiet high spin.

#2 Sabo Skirt: Pretty similar design, very simple – which is what customers are looking for; if you don’t agree than let me remind you about Apple! Here the points go to the creative idea of shooting outdoors and creating a more natural get the look style (I can totally see myself in this dress type of saying). Found them through YouTube, when Carlibel was reviewing their products and offering a coupon code. If you are trying to get traffic and sales, YouTube sponsoring is the way to go! To prove, we tested a product before and after advertising on YouTube: visitors per minute were 20, after advertising they jumped to 70. And please let me introduce you to the fierce ladies who founded the company (they are in their 20s) see picture below.


The conclusion is that Australia will beat New York. The simpler the better. Hit social media and forget about SEO and Adwords. Spend more time on bloggers as a way to build links and bring traffic. 


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