Blanket Surveillance. Total Secrecy. What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

I never thought of reposting posts on WordPress. Yes maybe on Tumblr, but thats something different. That for me was something embarrassing, having someone’s else content on my blog. I had to be unique or at least paraphrase. But this post that I found is extremely important and cannot be paraphrased. So please read what’s going on BREAKING NEWS:


Imagine that one day you came home to find a shiny little bubble of one-way glass in an upper corner of every single room, and a notice left on your kitchen table: “As required by the Safe Society Act, we have installed remotely controlled cameras throughout your home. (Also your office.) But don’t worry! They’ll probably only be activated if the government believes that a non-US citizen might have entered this building.” Would that give you warm fuzzy feelings of safety and security?

I ask because that’s a pretty good metaphor for what happened this week. I refer of course to PRISM. You may have noticed the flurryofreports followed by aflurryofdenials regarding the “top-secret National Security Administration data-mining program that taps directly into the Google, Facebook, Microsoft and Apple servers among others.”

Meanwhile, with (surprisingly) much less furore, the Wall Street Journal took…

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