New Brand Obsession

Back to creative findings: Publish Brand is my new addiction.

The cool brand makes hats, shirts and much more in very original way. I am so tired of these OBEY hats and etc, that seeing something so simple and with fashion taste (credit to the designer) you have no choice but to order! Let’s think as if we were part of the company, not a customer. Two things to notice: the hats are unisex, so we are talking about a mass target and a complete new trend, where guys wear floral hats without looking gay! Second, that little crafted square tag in the middle is so catchy! Oh so catchy! No need to ask where did you get that hat, the name is out there selling. Just like Iphone.

P.S. All my posts are based on my own findings and taste. I do not advertise products and do not accept sponsored posts. The Ostrich Queen digs underground and brings original content.

Publish Brand Floral Hat & Shirt

Publish Brand Hat

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