The New Generation Business

I went on a date with a guy from my country. He came to NY to study and plans on staying here. He lives in the city and goes to a private school. So I asked him, “do you work?”

Here goes the story:

All those guys that you see on Central Park and 5th avenue driving “bike taxi” are the richest of them all (and I felt sorry for their legs)! My friend rides a bike and with his pay he is able to cover his education, rent and other expanses. How does it work? He rents a bike, $200 a month and whatever he charges the customers ($3 a minute) he puts in his pocket. There is an option to buy the bike, which if I remember he said is $2,000-$3,000. First before getting the “job” you need a license. Yes nowadays, in NY you need a license for everything (walking license coming soon). Just felt like sharing this, the most unexpected jobs seems to be the best paid ones. Can’t blame the homeless who turned into a millionaire…Image

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