Insight Advertising: YouTubers and Bloggers

ImageMost engaging way for companies to get noticed is by partnering with bloggers or posting videos on YouTube. If you don’t have a budget you stick only to Facebook and free blogs, but this is old school! Being afraid to follow the social media trends will get you nowhere. Don’t be afraid to do some research and find out who has the most viewed channel on YouTube. The cost that you might pay is a % of the sales they make through their channel or a flat rate for the 2-3minute video. Offer coupons, film a creative video, create content that is entertaining! 

Bloggers can be found though LinkedIn groups, sometimes they blog for free and sometimes you can negotiate a low rate per post. Don’t be stingy and send some samples to the blogger or youtuber, this way you will insure long-term relationships. Lastly, you might consider blogging yourself – Google search loves blogs and it will certainly push you to the top results on the search engines. 

P.S. If you have questions as to who, how, and where to find (regarding youtubers and bloggers) comment bellow or send me a message.

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