Be COOL: New Water Brand


Not every mother can be as creative as Rose Cameron, a woman on her way to change obesity in children.

Worried that her kids are drinking too much soda instead of water, she decided to ask her “target market” her two sons, what would change their minds as to start drinking water, and the answer was one – IT HAS TO BE COOL!

So now we have WAT-AAH (water) that looks extremely COOL with no sugar. There are 5types: pH+ , Energy (which has oxygen) and we know how much energy kids need! Power has bone-building magnesium, Brain consists of electrolytes, and lastly Body which has no sodium or chloride.
The water can be found in selected stores, you can check the nearest to you on their website.

You all know that I pick and post only the most creative products and ideas! I picked this one because of the product differentiation strategy, simplicity and design. Also the idea of asking the target market primarily can be huge plus, why? Because it will sell.
Right now I wish I was a kid, thats all I can say!

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