Dual-Screen Phones by Yota Devices, Russia

YotaPhone2First we presented the flexible smartphones, now we have dual screen ones. What dual screen means is that you have two screens one from the front and one on the back. Now some would say how is that convenient, since people will see what you have on the back screen or how are you supposed to hold it since it is a touch screen? Well it does have some benefits, Russians found that it will save much more battery and make the phone much faster. Also the work efficiency will improve, meaning that now you can do two things at a time. Read, and send emails, or skype and take pictures…anything. The phone will be released next year, around August – September. The Yota project costs $25million and there are 35 engineers working on it. So this is definitely an improvement in the phone industry. It is becoming very competitive, having the new Blackberry and the new Samsung phones, but also let’s not forget the leaders Apple who might suffer from this new trend.

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