The future is near

ImageHaving in mind the new “tablet journalism” buzz and the switch from paper to digital, I would say the future of journalism is not bright! A very good quote by Steve Jobs says, “Whenever I have the time to pick up the printed version of the newspaper, I wish I could do this all time, but our lives are not like that anymore.” Yes our lives are not like that anymore, we don’t have time to stop and buy a paper…and read it…Even when we are given a free paper we still don’t pick it because it is so “heavy” to carry, you wonder where am I going to put it, or that people will see that you are reading the free paper. After all, you don’t really want to read what’s inside. Again somebody died, pages and pages of advertisement. What’s the point?! But now you have this beautiful IPad, where you can swipe with finger and read what interests you. Simply subscribe, read it on your way while you are drinking coffee and don’t worry about holding the 20pages paper or whatsoever. But do we realize what the effects are from that small change? People loose their jobs, and everyday a new student graduates school with major in Journalism. What do you say to those people?

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  1. mimmtt says:

    I am currently writing a paper for my Creative Industries class on this issue. In the Caribbean, newspapers still reign even with technology and in my country with the recent introduction of 4G internet service. It is not a major concern for us right now but in the States and other parts of the world it is unfortunate that this kind of technology is to the demise of newspapers but with regards to journalism students all is not lost with them, they can just evolve with journalism by learning to write for the web and learning how to get the news out there utilising social media.
    Great post!

    1. Very good point regarding the future of the students. Indeed we are turning into a digital world, like it or not. Good luck with your paper!!

      1. mimmtt says:

        Thank you! I need it! lol

  2. This post was very helpful to me because I have always wanted to be a journalist and that I am 25 and taking Journalism Courses, I have an idea of what courses to take. This is a digital age so I will take many digital based courses. But I also want my writing to be read by those without tablets so in that case, my advice is to be versatile and take print journalism courses too.

    1. I am glad the post was helpful, you are on the right direction!
      Wishing you all the best of luck and happy holidays!!

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