How about this?

First was the rain room exhibition in London, now it’s this swing…and the good thing is, you can’t get wet! We should propose this as a new project for the Central Park, or maybe the playground next to my house?

The Skywalkers

  Some say creativity has no limits, others say the sky is the limit. Indeed, for these two risk-takers, Vitaly Raskalov and Alexander Remnov, the sky is the limit. Born in Russia, the boys are taking pictures on top of the highest buildings without safety equipment to create the thrill of sitting on the edge…

Battery Low

This is pretty old news for some, but it is so creative that I can’t miss to post it here! Bike-powered Phone Charging Stations in NYC! The idea is simple, you are riding your bike and you find that your phone is dying, check for the nearest station and stop by to plug your phone….

Tonight I am saving the light

I was first thinking to skip posting, and just share this new product on my facebook page, which you should all check! But here I am introducing it to you all. This is Lightleafs by designer Valentina Trimani. It’s a bookmark that lights pages..even a room, without having to charge it! It is a wireless,…

Dual-Screen Phones by Yota Devices, Russia

First we presented the flexible smartphones, now we have dual screen ones. What dual screen means is that you have two screens one from the front and one on the back. Now some would say how is that convenient, since people will see what you have on the back screen or how are you supposed…

Instagram or Instacam?

How about the new polaroid camera by Instagram? It was designed by the creative mind behind the Iphone 5 Antonio De Rosa. Simple thin design that reminds us of the Iphone, but certainly has kept the Instagram image in one way or another. The Instacam has 16GB memory, WiFi, Bluetooth, zoom and touch screen display….

The future is near

Having in mind the new “tablet journalism” buzz and the switch from paper to digital, I would say the future of journalism is not bright! A very good quote by Steve Jobs says, “Whenever I have the time to pick up the printed version of the newspaper, I wish I could do this all time, but…

We are not over the berries

Seems like Blackberry is pushing the competition with a new concept design smartphone. Interesting enough they are not jumping into touchscreen phones. Why? I still prefer the old style clicking on my keypad! But agree with me that the new Blackberry looks lovely…

Stop the praise!

Vogue on HBO? I heard magazine business is slowing down. Do you guys still buy magazines? The documentary is focusing on the power of the editors behind Vogue and their creative thinking, uniqueness..But are they really so competitive and brilliant as they represent themselves??