Copycat that

Pinterest vs Fancy and Pandora vs Spotify. Who gets the gold?

First to start the content sharing service where you can pin a picture or video and add it to your own categorized folders was Pinterest. Millions of pictures were being uploaded, pinned, liked and shared. Everyone started following each other and there we go someone else decided it is a good market, with minimal improvements they can switch the Pinterest audience to their own site. That was when Fancy was introduced. It is the same principle but instead of Pinning a picture, you are fancy-ing it. The template of the page is more simple, the focus is on less pictures compared to Pinterest when you scroll down. The good thing about Fancy is that for every friend you invite you get $1, the money collected you can spend on any item from the Fancy website and buy it. Except that, you can subscribe and pay $30 per month and get a box of items from the website worth $60. The items are not random, they are based on what you like and Fancy. As much as I love Pinterest and use it more often, I think Fancy did a better job. We don’t like copycats but they are good for the economy, they create competition and better products for us!

Pandora is the best thing created in the world. I use it 24/7. HOWEVERRRR, someone had to copy that again! Spotify is kind of the same principle but its not. The only thing in common is that you listen to music on both apps. The good thing about Pandora is that you can type your favorite singer or song, and Pandora will turn that into a radio station by playing songs from the same genre. Spotify is not that smart, you can search your favorite singer but it won’t continue playing songs, so you have to type songs every 3 minutes. The only good thing about Spotify is that you can find songs from international singers, while Pandora focuses on U.S. based singers. Spotify is also linked with Facebook, which means all your friends can see what songs you listen to, on Pandora you have to share them. I don’t know how many people wants their friends to see what they are listening to, what if you are playing Britney Spears, upss.

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