Pick your graphic design

I am taking free seminar classes at Noble Desktop in New York. You should check them too, they have everything on Photoshop, Final Cut, Dreamweaver and other creative classes!
Here is a quick look on graphic design today:
It is easy to come up with the concept on how you want your web site or ad to look like, but there are few things to consider before starting the planning process.

As you see if the making of the design costs nothing and it is FREE, it means it’s a TRASH, you need to try again or just leave the idea. Good ideas don’t come free, usually you would pay few bucks. Same goes if it’s fast. You CAN’T create something extraordinary in a day.

Now there are some exceptions I don’t want to sound too harsh, but not in this case and in this type of environment! The FAST circle is connected with FREE and can mean it’s a trash and that the idea is not worth it, because you get what you pay for. If it’s free or cheap in both cases it will end up being an “ugly sauce with haste and carelessness”, try to avoid all that!
This graphic is showing everything you need to avoid. Spend a little bit more time on your design, and invest money into it. The outcome will be the extraordinary!

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