I am unisex

Who are you targeting? Are you targeting men or only women? It is a question every company should ask before developing a new product. When the deodorants first came out, it was made only for women. Later brands saw an opportunity and decided to create a new category for men. Same goes for shampoos, shaving creams and brushes, makeup, hair coloring and the list goes on. Now everything has become categorized between men and women. All for the sake of money. Yet, some companies like Nooka, sell clothing and accessories that are unisex. It is a positioning approach, don’t think they don’t want to make money, actually that makes good money too. I have seen hair salons that are unisex, clothing and hair care products that are both for men and women, and now it is becoming a trend. Even names for babies are becoming unisex. Daniel can be both male and female, Alex, Sam, or Jamie…

But would you buy a product that is made for men, if you are a woman? Are we ready for this change and doesn’t it support the gay/lesbian society by putting us all in one gender category?

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