The Battle For Votes

I am late with this post, it was sitting in my folder, now it is time to share it!

The elections for president have never been such a mess. Who is going to win Obama or Romney? Would you vote for the secure or the risk? Here is how the Romney-Obama campaign looks:

Both presidents have been discussing topics regarding Education, Abortions, Jobs, and Healthcare. Both disagree with each other and spend tons of millions on advertising where all they do is attack each other (I mean couldn’t we use those money in something more relevant). In other words, Obama is trying to sell a fairytale, while Romney sticks to the reality.

Education: Now, college degree has become very expensive. Not everyone can afford it, and if they do, the question is will they get a job later on. Obama suggests to students not to worry about the loan issue, that they should “shop around” for college degree (as if it’s a object that you buy, use, and throw away after time), not sure if that is a good image to go for. Also, he promises not to raise the interest rates, as if that will make it easier for students to pay back their loans. Romney, in other hand thinks that Obama is creating a debt burden to students by enforcing them to take loans. He believes that education is an important part of our life and it should be taken seriously. To do so, he believes those providing more information to students and parents prior to applying to college will ease the process of making the right choice and finding the “perfect” job after graduating. This I think is a better image to go for, I mean who doesn’t want to see more jobs, less debt, and growing economy.

Abortion: Interesting fact, U.S. population is unstable. The birth rate grow is 1.9 per women when it should be 2, in order to maintain the U.S. population. Obama had nothing to say about this issue, I guess he is okay with the immigration rate. One day it will be all immigrants, and we won’t remember how did the American look. Paul Ryan (the right hand of Romney) did some research and once he found that numbers were so low, he said well wait a minute, why don’t we just make abortions illegal. He went so crazy about it that he said, even if you were rapped it is still illegal and the women should keep the baby. I don’t know how many women would like that idea, but at least we should give him some credit for taking an action. The problem here is that U.S. gives total freedom to the society. No one wants to marry, they prefer living together than making any commitments; gay marriage is legal now; raising kids is too expensive ($300,000 to be exact) so there is no point to give birth – plus look how the generation has changed, do you really want your kid to be like that?!

Jobs: Unfortunately, no one wants to talk about jobs. Obama, who used to stick with his famous line that he would create jobs, which by the way was the key for his election, is now avoiding the topic. However, Romney and Ryan thought that maybe that’s what people want to hear so they have been promoting themselves under the bright light.

Healthcare: Lastly, our health. That’s where all the money goes. The president thinks if we cut the healthcare cost, and we tax the rich, our economy will flourish. Romney agrees that we should tax the rich (even though he just started filing and paying back his taxes from 2010) but not so much with the Obamacare reform. What is Obamacare? We get a voucher worth around $7000. With that voucher you can go to the doctor, use it and once the $7000 is used, that’s it you are on your own expense. Major injuries, illnesses and surgeries will be paid out of pocket. Basically, it costs you $2500 per year to buy the voucher but does it worth it? Many people don’t see the trap. Romney who has a sick mother, said he would do everything to keep the old Medicaid plan and provide the Americans with health, the only thing we are left with.

As to whom you should vote for is your own choice. Will you be attracted by the handsome Paul Ryan figure (also known as Paul Ryan Gosling on Twitter, which I highly recommend you to follow) or the old good guy Obama it is up to you. In either scenario America has given you the freedom of choice. Go & Vote.

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