Promoting @ the right place

Promoting @ the right place

This is a picture from the Changi airport lobby in Singapore. Free charging for your phone in case you need to make an important call and you notice your battery is dying (which for some reason happens all the time). It looks like a small station with 15 lockers for different devices (Iphone, Ipod, Ipad, Nokia, Blackberry, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, HTC, Motorola, and even digital cameras). All you need to do is place your phone inside and connect it with the charger – it is FREE! You can go get something to eat or take a nap while your phone is charging, without getting worried of loosing it. Once it is time for your flight, use the key to open the box and return it to the person in charge of the station. I wish this idea was available in all airports. It is great way to promote the airport and I am sure Apple and all the brands involved in this promotion get good feedback too. In few words this post is about how important it is to promote your brand in the right place. Maybe this charging station wouldn’t have been so effective if it was in a mall or super market because everyone is there for the shopping experience and the chance to stop and charge your device is lower than in the airport. When you have 5 hour flight delay and your only entertainment is your phone, it better be charged.

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