Pop Culture Has Never Been So Influenced By Japan

Pop also known as popular is really becoming POPULAR with the new conceptual watch designs by Japanese brands based in US. Companies such as Nooka, Nixon, Lexon, and Diesel are some of the well-known watch designers, but they are few new ones who have been taking over the Internet and social media. Celebrities have been endorsing the watches day and night, and all we wonder is how to get that techy color thing on our wrist?!


Over the past century we have been stopped by strangers who want to know what the times is; if you count every time they do that, you will see that you don’t even look at your watch so many times. And every time they do, even though you have the watch on your wrist, you take out your phone to see what the time is or you say you don’t know. The purpose of the new generation watches is to bring style and new meaning to the time. If you are late, or you want to see how much time you have left it won’t look as bad as it does on a regular watch.  The price varies between $200-$400, and most of them can be found online.


Picking a watch can be as hard as picking a time for dentist appointment! But the industry has taken care of it, and every month you can stumble on a new funkier design. They are considered as unisex, which sets this equality between men and women and it is even cooler when you and your bf/gf have the same watch in different colors. Other than that, once you get the watch, you are guaranteed that you will continue being stopped by strangers, but not to ask you what the time is (that definitely you won’t be able to answer) but to find where you bought that watch.

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