Are you sending the right msg?

This is a short notice about companies who say they are YES but they are actually NO. What I mean by YES and NO is the image they try to push into our minds. Lets look at real examples. One of the most famous and admired brands in Apple. They say: we are eco-friendly, that all of their packaging and technology is toxin free and recycled. The latest MacBook Pro did not meet all the requirements because they focused more on the design. And believe me it is very hard to produce technology of that level and try to make it environmentally safe. That is why it is so hard to repair them. Another example is Pepsi with its Zero calories soda. How in this world someone came up with that idea? Ok, lets say you are on a diet, or you are just health oriented. Even though it says ZERO it does not mean you will not gain any weight or you wont have high sugar afterwards. Soda is not healthy, period. The list goes on with many other brands we heard of or we haven’t. The car industry, the food and fashion industry do things simply to please you and to please themselves by exemplifying a good public image. It is not a good choice because sooner or later you mess up the rules and you suffer more. Be who you are, even if you are not a brand but you are a regular person. You will be appreciated for your honesty.


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