Drink while you Bike but don’t drink while you drive?

You might have heard of The Traveling Gin Co. a bicycle cafe or bar, I don’t even know how to call it. They offer the famous Gin & Tonic #favoriteofalltime, and other cocktails. Now, you might think bike and drink is not a good idea, but it is actually something else. They travel around and sell the cocktails, so it is nothing illegal. I don’t recommend anyone to drink and bike or drive! NO NO NO. The Traveling Gin is a very cool idea, there were days I would go out with my friends and we don’t want to go to a bar, but sit somewhere outside and enjoy the view of the city, and having the option to get a cocktail from a bike is definitely a must try! It has been a huge emphasize and boost to the food/drink truck business, and now bikes. Maybe soon there will be helicopters and busses.


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