PlayMaker School: The New Generation

PlayMaker School: The New Generation

Many would argue that games are not educational, and they make the new generation of kids more violent. The new school in LA, called PlayMaker would strongly disagree. What they had in mind is to create a new school where kids will learn how to be innovative, creative, and tech-savvy. The class looks like a computer lab where the lecture is literally a game and the kids have headphones on to listen at the “lecturer”. The school was found after long time researching on how could schools engage students with the material. “Instead of going to math, science, English, well, they have rollercoaster adventures, or a day of cooking with thermal energy…and students can go to the Emerald Forest of Media Arts and then to the Cave of Physics.”
I think this is a great investment. I would love to see my kid go to a school like this where he/she will have fun and learn at the same time. Plus they learn things that would really be needed in life. For example, “Students will game-play, role-play, design apps and games, and work on media creation.” Not many people know how to do that even with Bachelor’s Degree. Those kids will not only make good money and get a good job but also will be the future genius to create a new product or come to some scientific research.

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