World of Cheaters: For some reason all men

Fareed Zakaria show on CNN was taken down because he plagiarized! Using an essay written in the NY Times. Lucky enough, CNN forgave him like every women would do to their lovely husband nowadays. So few months no Fareed Zakaria. I used to watch him and write my papers on his topics (was I plagiarizing?) No, using someone’s else work as a reference is even recommended. By the way, did you know that West Side Story is a copycat of Romeo & Juliet, just the Puerto-rican version. Similarly, Shakespeare based the Romeo and Juliet on earlier Italian tale. And the subject on copying can go and on….

Why I am discussing this? I just read an article written in NY Times about 125 Harvard students cheating. Guess it is tough to be a student there! No wonder, Mark Zuckerberg dropped out from the school.

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