World of Bloggers

Few months ago, if you asked me what is the best and most effective way of marketing, I would have said TV spots and magazines. Yes, because I had a different idea of the business world. Once I started my internship my whole perspective changed. There are lots of details under the skin of a new developing company (and not only for new companies)! To be honest, TV spots and magazines are to create image but when it comes to connecting to customers, reaching to them and achieving some sales – which by the way if you pay for commercials and all that advertising tools you end up loosing money than gaining!

Back to the point: I started reading this book called “The New Rules of Marketing & PR” by David Meerman Scott and what he has to say in the book is that Marketing is all about blogs now. If you are a new company you need to get people to blog about you, follow you. Of course social media is a big part of it as well. I recently met a wonderful person, a blogger name Tenelle who is known with her blog called Dose of Vitamin F. What she does is introduce new companies to the public by blogging about them, about the events or promotions they are doing and it’s an amazing and easy way to communicate your message to the public. Even when applying for a job, some companies require a blog or web site of yours as a source of portfolio. A blog can say a lot about your skills and knowledge in the area of which you are applying. Also your writing capabilities and most important opinion! So go ahead and create one….

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