Only if I could get paid for this….

The main product that has took all the space in the super markets, grocery stores, pharmacies and even outside places to eat is YOGURT…Yes!! That’s what it is all about now, YOGURT! How can you decide which one is the best, though? Simply, you have to buy and try them all until you fall in love with the one and only YOGURT. It is cheap at least, you can get 10 for $5 and all type of discounts as long as you buy it (love those type of promotions). My favorite and little Tiger’s favorite is Yoplait.Image

I forgot to mention.. it is important to eat Yogurt. It not only consist of Vitamins but it gives you power during the day and has everything your body needs to be healthy and in shape, because it is fat-free. Consist of 100 calories. Add it to your diet friend list!

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