Project V: The Chameleon Pen

The color picker pen is a drawing device, allowing consumers to write and draw in any color that has been scanned via the color sensor, instantly.  Colors can be picked from fruits, plants, clothes, and any material that has a color. It gives the incredible ability to draw realistic pictures without using Photoshop in order to match the perfect colors. After the sensor detects the color, the RGB (red, green, blue) cartridge, located inside the pen, mixes the inks together to create the color that has been scanned. This device will help many artists to create more visual and creative picture of their surrounding nature.

P.S. I would love to share the whole Marketing Plan I wrote, but I haven’t hand in my paper so I will keep it private the rest. The idea is by Jinsun Park, I only did the website, my team came up with the name and logo. Price is $168 and the promotion part is the cherry on top of the cake. Hope you get some idea from the first picture.

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