Move to Sale

I never knew that supermarkets have a strategy on where to place their products. Have you notice that when you enter the store, the first thing you see is the section of vegetables and fruits. Then comes baked goods….frozen food and last is the milk and bread. Everything else is in between the aisles. This way they expect you to buy more by seeing more. Some products get the end caps. Major displays are placed there and they cost more and are more desired by companies. For example having the whole shelve for Pepsi or Coca Cola . Also, having the cereal on the lower level so when you are shopping with your kids they can see and grab it. Furthermore, the parents won’t say No and will buy it. Other products get the upper level or also called the eye level where brands pay more but at least the sell is promised. How many times you have been looking for a yogurt or cream cheese but you picked the one you see first in front of you, instead of spending hours to read and look each of them. Finally, after you have bought “everything” you didn’t come for, you reach the milk and the bread section. Now you are ready to check out. Wait a minute! We have more for you…while you wait the line to pay, you see candies and other sweets to grab before you leave. Tomorrow when you come back they will change the places of everything so you can look for more and end up buying more.

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  1. sybaritica says:

    Somebody once said that for health, shop at the edges of the supermarket, not in the center aisles. Seems like a good rule of thumb.

    1. Oh I did not know that, seems like a game but surely it works.
      Thank you.

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