Is America Dying; What are the symptoms & how long will it last?

Is America Dying; What are the symptoms & how long will it last?

America is not dying; the population of Americans is dying. The country is very stable economically and politically, even though everyone says we are still in recession. Divorce level is high and people prefer to live together without any commitments. This is why the abortion level is high and the birth rate low. USA cannot keep up the required population level, reason why I say the population is dying not the country. Good enough, the immigrants will keep it stable for some time. There is freedom in all aspects, social, sexual. Now that gay marriages are not illegal anymore it gives another aspect of freedom and that is the freedom to be different, to be homosexual. Regarding religion and politics, the country is afraid to enforce any believes to the society. The freedom has led to the freedom of choice. I think life in US is amazing, and that won’t change for the next 30 years.

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  1. jonolan says:

    The White population of America is dying off but not the minorities, especially the Hispanics. Of course, this means that our economy won’t remain stable as the prosperous people, Whites, are being replaced by the less prosperous people.

    1. Hispanics are growing but they are taking the jobs which Americans wouldn’t do. White people, few ones have all the power and money (stolen from the society) and the rest should suffer. Thank you for your comment!

    2. jonolan says:

      Stolen? Please! Being successful is a far cry from stealing from society, if such theft is even possible.

      1. Right maybe not the right word, but they are rich because of the middle class. Keep paying taxes, while politics such as Romney skip that process.

      2. jonolan says:

        If you mean federal income taxes, Romney and his peers pay the largest bulk those taxes. You see, the top 3% of earners pay 40% of the federal income tax revenue the feds get; The bottom 50% only pay 3% of those taxes, with the majority of those 50% paying none at all.

        As for exactly who the rich got rich from, that’s a lot more complex as one thing separates the rich from the middle class when it comes to sources of wealth; the rich have access to global sources and the rest really don’t.

  2. Romney who did not pay taxes since 2009 and just now starter because he is running for president and he has all the public attention on him. I am sure there are lot more we don’t know about. Others got rich thanks to their parents or grant parents. Either way you are right and I cant argue with an educated person.

    1. jonolan says:

      I don’t know who’s been lying to you but Romney’s paid approx 13% in federal income tax every year over the last decade. That’s admittedly only slightly over the national average but that’s because most of his income has been in capital gains as opposed to straight income.

      Frankly though, I didn’t pay income taxes for a couple years after amortizing my capital loss in the dot bomb. That sort of thing can affect many people’s returns and it’s corporate equivalent, carried interest, can do the same.

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