Apple Said NO!

Everyday new apps are being introduced, not all of them are as good as they could. The designer and the one with the idea are people who stick with their idea once the bulb light is on. They can act like little kids and not accept that someone else does not see it as they do and does not like it AT ALL!
So they would come back again and again with the same app but with some minor changes, and they can’t get it why the app is not on your phones yet. Check this one and tell me if you care to have it on your phone:

Josh Begley, an NYU student developed the Drone+ app, which is a map that alerts users when there is a drone strike around the world. That’s all. First, it was a copy from the Guardian newspaper app, second it did not have any visual or entertaining features, that is why it got rejected twice. Let’s hope he does not go for the third time.

What Apple said: “We found that your app contains content that many audiences would find objectionable, which is not in compliance with the App Store guidelines.”

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