8 Taglines: Project IV

              SUSHI RESTAURANT

  1. Sushi has become much more fancier
  2. The colors of sushi
  3. Gift a bouquet of sushi. Now available @
  4. New better way of leaving. New better way of eating.
  5. Who said sushi has to be on a roll?
  6. Some call us unique; we believe they are right.
  7. Brought to you in a bouquet of food
  8. It starts with F, but its not flowers. Its food.






    1. Gravity does not exist. Once you believe it

    2. Stress? I don’t know what that is.

    3. “My body was becoming part of my soul. That’s when I knew I have achieved SOBA.” Kristi, 27

    4. Speaking of Yoga, did you try the new Zen pose?

    5. 30 minutes of Yoga are worth 130 calories. In SOBA Studio they are worth 300

    6. New York life has never been so FLEXIBLE

    7.  Once you get there,

    8. Best way to stay fit is to practice SOBA


    1. Train your dog to compete like Phelps

    2. Train your dog to run like Bolt

    3. Train your dog to jump as high as

    4. Your dog might be the next US gold olympic

    5. 5 Days a week, 1 Hour a day. Dog Olympics

    6. Who said your dog is not the next superstar?

    7. If you believe in it, it will happen. Dog Olympics

    8. Don’t leave your dog home alone. He will probably end up fat and single.

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