World of Cheaters: For some reason all men

Fareed Zakaria show on CNN was taken down because he plagiarized! Using an essay written in the NY Times. Lucky enough, CNN forgave him like every women would do to their lovely husband nowadays. So few months no Fareed Zakaria. I used to watch him and write my papers on his topics (was I plagiarizing?)…

The beauty of simplicity

Short video by Lauren Sieczkowski, described as “Dreams are shores where the ocean of spirit meets the land of matter. Dreams are beaches where the yet-to-be, the once-were, the will-never-be may walk awhile with the still-are.”

Apple Said NO!

Everyday new apps are being introduced, not all of them are as good as they could. The designer and the one with the idea are people who stick with their idea once the bulb light is on. They can act like little kids and not accept that someone else does not see it as they do and does not like it AT ALL!
So they would come back again and again with the same app but with some minor changes, and they can’t get it why the app is not on your phones yet. Check this one and tell me if you care to have it on your phone:

Josh Begley, an NYU student developed the Drone+ app, which is a map that alerts users when there is a drone strike around the world. That’s all. First, it was a copy from the Guardian newspaper app, second it did not have any visual or entertaining features, that is why it got rejected twice. Let’s hope he does not go for the third time.

What Apple said: “We found that your app contains content that many audiences would find objectionable, which is not in compliance with the App Store guidelines.”

Move to Sale

I never knew that supermarkets have a strategy on where to place their products. Have you notice that when you enter the store, the first thing you see is the section of vegetables and fruits. Then comes baked goods….frozen food and last is the milk and bread. Everything else is in between the aisles. This…

Project V: The Chameleon Pen

The color picker pen is a drawing device, allowing consumers to write and draw in any color that has been scanned via the color sensor, instantly.  Colors can be picked from fruits, plants, clothes, and any material that has a color. It gives the incredible ability to draw realistic pictures without using Photoshop in order…

What else could you do to get people in-line

If you live in NY, then probably 50% of your time you eat outside. Food trucks are mostly seasonal. We get ice cream, frozen yogurt and etc., but this one is called Zombie food. It looks like Zombie food, your sandwich is literally a brain between the bread! For me it is GROSS, but people…

Is America Dying; What are the symptoms & how long will it last?

Is America Dying; What are the symptoms & how long will it last?

America is not dying; the population of Americans is dying. The country is very stable economically and politically, even though everyone says we are still in recession. Divorce level is high and people prefer to live together without any commitments. This is why the abortion level is high and the birth rate low. USA cannot keep up the required population level, reason why I say the population is dying not the country. Good enough, the immigrants will keep it stable for some time. There is freedom in all aspects, social, sexual. Now that gay marriages are not illegal anymore it gives another aspect of freedom and that is the freedom to be different, to be homosexual. Regarding religion and politics, the country is afraid to enforce any believes to the society. The freedom has led to the freedom of choice. I think life in US is amazing, and that won’t change for the next 30 years.

D&G Commercial

I had most fun with this one in NJ, because I seriously did not see the guy coming in front of me and it was not meant to be any type of video. My friend was recording while I walk. Later that I saw it – the muse came.

The Story: Women in search for the perfect men does not necessarily mean the old story of falling in love. The real men that every women is looking for is someone who knows how to carry himself and smells good. Animals find their one and only by smell – why not use the same concept for human beings. Only D&G perfume can stop a women in 30 seconds and make her fall in love from a first sight with THE ONE.

8 Taglines: Project IV

              SUSHI RESTAURANT Sushi has become much more fancier The colors of sushi Gift a bouquet of sushi. Now available @ New better way of leaving. New better way of eating. Who said sushi has to be on a roll? Some call us unique; we believe they are right. Brought…